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Printer Services

Printsoft is a printer repair and maintenance service specialist, providing solutions for laser printer, dot-matrix, line printers, passbook, large format printers/plotters.

We have a team of dedicated technicians to serve you:


• Repairing printers – laser printers, inkjets, dot-matrix, line printers, passbooks, large format printers/plotters, receipt / bar code printers, pos and scanners
• Repairing electronic components – mainboards, circuit boards, pcb boards, formatters, power supplies, scanner assemblies, dc controllers, power adapters for all types of copiers laser printers, dot-matrix, line printers, passbooks, plotters, scanners, pc and other electronic gadgets
• Supplying refurbished/recond. printers, printing consumables and printer spare parts

Our warehouse stock up the widest range of printers and parts especially hard-to-find and obsolete parts. Our friendly technicians are ready to serve you with solutions to all your printer problems.

Our wide Range of Service includes:


• Printer Unit assembly common problems
• Print-out Error Logic board repair/replacement
• Power turn on Problem D.C Board Repair/Replacement
• Paper Jam Error Fuser-Kit Repair/Replacement
• Flat Bed Scanner Error Repair/Replacement
• Mechanism Unit Sound Problem Repair/Replacement
• Printing Head Problem Repair/Replacement
• Printer Rental Service
• Cartridge Service
• Printer AMC Service

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